Drapes & Bedding

In 2016, the sewing machine I had since high school broke and I replaced it with a new computerized machine with related sewing furniture and work tables. (I have quite the sewing room now!) That was my impetuous to make new bedding and drapes throughout my home.

Hardwood floors

In the fall of 2013, I replaced the floors in my living room and dining room with ash hardwood floors, to match the floors already in the kitchen and powder room. The project scope escalated when I used the opportunity to upgrade some kitchen appliances and dining room furniture. Here are the before, during, and after pictures.

Room Repainting

In the fall of 2001, I repainted several rooms at home. Over the years, I also installed new lighting and have new furniture in the living room. Here are some before and after pictures.


In the Spring of 2000, I remodelled two bathrooms in my home by replacing the floors with ceramic tile and then by painting and wallpapering.  And a few years later (August 2003), I painted the powder room.

Here are the results. Click on each thumbnail for a larger image.