This PDF document lists the​ 1,435 different coasters, which I've ridden at 380 parks in 23 countries in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. I have not counted any metal roller coaster more than once if it has been relocated to another park (as noted below). I also do not count Alpine (Mountain) coasters, even though they share many common characteristics of more traditional coasters. Some are included in my list, but do not contribute to my overall count.

Note, for the most part, I do not keep track of when I rode a coaster for the first time, the number of times I rode it, or the sequence order in which I rode it. I do, however, take note of "century milestone" (aka "ton up") achievements (e.g., #400, #500, etc.) and these are recorded in the right-most column of the table. You can view photos of these milestones here.

I do have lots more coasters to ride.  Check out Roller Coaster Database for a comprehensive database of coasters throughout the world.